Goliath Must Fall Study Guide

Artist: Louie Giglio


Barcode: 9780310083740

Release date: 16/05/2017

£6.29 (was £6.99)

Feel like you can't escape the giants in your life?
Louie Giglio shows how God's plan for your life is one of victory in this inspirational book
Using the story of David and Goliath, this book is made to bring freedom to those living under their giants
We all have giants in our lives that creep in and take over. Giants like fear, rejection, complacency, anxiety, anger, and addiction.

These adversaries establish a foothold, and before we know it we are tolerating something that diminishes the glory of God in our lives. Jesus didn't come to this earth so we could remain in bondage to these giants. He came to give us life and give it to the fullest. He is greater and more powerful than any giant we will ever face, and he wants us to experience the freedom that is found only in him.

Today, our Lord and Savior is telling us that our giants must fall. Like David in the Bible, we must focus our minds on the size of our God, not on the height of our giants.

We must believe in our hearts that our Lord is able to overcome any area of bondage within us. We can be sure that whatever the source of our affliction, through the power of Jesus it can, must, and will fall.

Sessions include:

Goliath Must Fall
Fear Must Fall
Rejection Must Fall
Complacency Must Fall
Anger Must Fall
Addiction Must Fall