Gospel Project For Kids: Big Picture Cards, Fall 2015

Lifeway Christian Resources


Barcode: 9781430067245

Release date: 01/06/2015

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The Big Picture Cards for Families Kids encourage families to continue learning at home throughout the week. Distribute these cards at the beginning of each quarter and parents will be equipped with a handy Bible story question to help kids understand how the Bible events they are learning fit into the big picture of God’s story. Pack of 15 colorful 3” x 4” trading cards. The Gospel Project for Kids is a Christ-centered Bible study resource that looks at the big picture of God's story—the story of redemption through Jesus Christ. Each week, kids of all ages will follow a chronological timeline of Bible events, all the while learning how each story points to the gospel of Jesus Christ. The Story Begins teaches kids that God created everything for His glory. When sin entered the world, God revealed His plan to redeem people through Jesus. Kids will learn about God's covenant relationship with Abraham and His faithfulness in providing for the people of Israel. Every story will demonstrate God's ultimate plan of redemption.


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