Help For The Fractured Soul Paperback Book

Artist: Candyce Roberts


Barcode: 9780800795320

When a person is subjected to severe, intentional abuse, the damage is devastating. It is not unusual for the minds of those victimised in childhood to fracture or fragment into different personalities. As a result, adult survivors struggle to function normally, and trust few who attempt to help them ´?¢ let alone a God who, in their minds, allowed the abuse to happen. So how can they find true healing? And how can you help them? Candyce Roberts has devoted her life to working with the highly traumatised. In this remarkable book she offers hope and encouragement to those struggling to get free ´?¢ and to those helping them. She also lays out effective, real-life strategies and tools, including the top ten keys to overcoming trauma that you can put into practice right away, making this a must-have resource for counsellors, pastors and healing ministers. ´?¢A seasoned and sensitive journey to wholeness and inner healing.´?¢ Dr. Neil T. Anderson, author, The Bondage Breaker ´?¢Candyce Roberts is the most gifted person I know for helping traumatised people. This book is filled with insights and practical advice tested and proven by years of experience.´?¢ Dr. Jack Deere, bestselling author and pastor 208 pages