Holman QuickSource Guide to Understanding The Bible Paperback

Artist: Kendell Easley


Barcode: 9780805495508

£9.99 (was £11.50)
The Holman QuickSource Guide to Understanding the Bible is your guide to deeper Bible study. If you've been wanting to get a better handle on the Bible ' even if you've been reading it for years ' this helpful reference book pulls the sweeping story, the timeline, the key terms and much more into a clear, concise, yet surprisingly comprehensive summary of biblical information. ' What's the main idea of each Bible book? ' Where can you quickly locate Christian worldview themes? ' How can the shadow of Christ be seen in each Old Testament book? ' What are the big verses that every Bible student needs to know? ' How can you sum up the biblical story in six simple statements? The answers to these and many other questions begin to surface as you confidently walk your way to 'big picture' Bible understanding. One-sentence summaries, colourful maps and charts, quick-hitting details on who wrote what and why ' you get all this and more with a graphic flow and design that makes the reading easy... and makes the knowledge your own. 400 pages