How To Fast Successfully Paperback Book

Artist: Derek Prince


Barcode: 9781782632641

In the early church, fasting was a regular part of the life of God's people. The restoration of this practice can change lives.

As you read Derek Prince's biblical teaching on fasting, you will discover the reasons and the rewards for fasting, what happens during a fast, how to have a successful fast and how to break a fast.

Learn now How to Fast Successfully!

Table of Contents
1. What Is Fasting?
2. Should All Christians Fast?
3. How Should I Prepare for a Fast?
4. What Is the Purpose of Fasting?
5. How Long Should I Fast?
6. What Happens during a Fast?
7. What about Unpleasant Physical Reactions?
8. How Can I Fast with Maximum Physical Benefits?
9. What Are the Different Types of Fasts?
10. How Are the Sabbath and Fasting Related?
11. How Should I Break a Fast?
12. In Summary

80 pages.