I Love You and I Hate Your Tattoos

Cheri Gregory


Barcode: 9780736977203

Release date: 02/03/2021

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I try so hard to be the mom I wish I'd had, rather than the one she needs me to be. Do you wish you had a deeper relationship with your mom, but can’t seem to close the distance? You promised yourself you’d be a different kind of mom, but you hear her voice in your head and still feel like you’re failing your child. You don’t have to live with regret over the relationship that wasn’t. After years of wrestling with her own disappointments, author Cheri Gregory realized she had it all wrong. Her mother may have birthed her, but she was not her creator. Her identity was not wrapped up in her mother’s acceptance or her daughter’s obedience, but in her Savior’s love. Here she shares with you the 12 critical gaps in her emotional intelligence that became stumbling blocks in her own parenting journey, and teaches you how to… • examine the ways your childhood shaped you and still influences you today • interpret your emotions and identify the gaps • do the work to fill in those holes in your own emotional map • equip your children with the building blocks for healthy relationships When you gain the confidence to name your emotions, you take the first step toward healing. You can become the mother you long to be.


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