I'll Hold You In Heaven Paperback Book

Artist: Jack Hayford


Barcode: 9780830732593

Healing and Hope for the Parent Who Has Lost a Child Through Miscarriage, Stillbirth, Abortion or Early Infant Death. This best-selling classic from Jack Hayford has helped hundreds of thousands of parents to heal from the devastating loss of a child to early death. A perfect gift for grief-stricken parents, this book provides compassionate answers to troubling questions such as, What happened to my baby after it died? Will I ever see my baby again ´?¢ and will I recognise him? What happens if I´?¢ve had an abortion? Does God have a reason for letting my child die? God´?¢s Word shines with hope in the dark night of human pain. God showed his tenderness when David lost the son he had with Bathsheba shortly after his birth. In his pain and grief, David spoke the reassuring word of God´?¢s truth saying, ´?¢I will go to (my child) but he will not return to me´?¢ (2 Samuel 12:19-23).´?¢ The freeing truth of the Word of God promises that, like David, Christians will hold their child again in heaven. 128 Pages