In Pursuit Of His Wisdom Paperback Book

Artist: R T Kendall


Barcode: 9781444749724

Wisdom is prized in the Bible as being the one thing we should seek above all others. But what is it, and how do we get it? ´?¢Wisdom is supreme - the greatest good we can seek, the most noble virtue there is, the greatest gift that is on offer and the highest plateau for living that is available in this present world.´?¢ We all want to live a good life - but how do we go about doing so? Much-loved author R T Kendall urges us to take the Bible at its word when it encourages us to get wisdom - and live by it. In this wise and practical book, R T encourages us that not only is God´?¢s opinion - his wisdom - on offer, God actually desires us to have it. Join R T on the journey of a lifetime as he shows us the beauty of a life lived with God, secure in knowing the next step forward.