Indescribable [DVD] [Region 0]

Louie Giglio


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In this timely re-issue of the Indescribable DVD, Louie Giglio reveals the universe's splendour and majesty as evidence of the greatness and glory of God.

This live recorded DVD takes you, your house fellowship or Bible study group on a magnificent tour of the universe... with a most unexpected destination.

Louie combines his own brand of inescapable argument and insistent affirmation with breathtaking deep space images (and even sounds) from NASA, the International Space Station and the Hubble Space Telescope. One of Louie's live recorded Passion Talk series, the founder and leader of the Passion City Church reveals much more than the sheer beauty and awe inspiring majesty of creation.

Louie opens up the universe beyond and around our little planet for the new-faith, long-time believers and the down right sceptical with undeniable, indescribable evidence of a God that not only creates but cares for every person in his magnificent universe.

Each DVD includes a concise study guide with 11 direct questions equipping you to start and discussions leading to toward an appreciation of why God not only created such a spectacular universe, but also entered into it at the most humble and human level.

Your best reasons to order, watch and share 'Indescribable' DVD reissue

- To better understand the universe as a witness to God's indescribable greatness
- To encounter the glory and splendour of a God whose greatness goes beyond words
- To point you toward the indescribable God who not only created the universe but entered into into it
- As an engaging and convincing argument for your home study or discussion group of God's great power and love
- As an intelligent discussion starter for believers, the new-to-faith, those with serious questions about God and science
- As an entertaining and enthralling three quarters-of-an-hour exploration of God's magnificent universe.

Louie's talk is studded with memorable scientific facts and gems of information. If we counted all the stars in the fragment of the universe that we call home; the Milky Way galaxy, and numbered them at one per second it would take 2,500 years just to count them.

This is repackaged and re-issued 45 minute DVD is a 'region 0' DVD (which means it's coded to play on DVD players of all regions) and will play on UK and on all DVD players.


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