Integrative Medicine: Cancer And Nutrition DVD

Artist: Monica Myklebust


Barcode: 727985012728


Integrative Medicine combines conventional medicine with Complementary and Alternative Medicine. It cares for the whole person ´?¢ mind, body, spirit and emotion. Dr. Monica Myklebust continues her series on Integrative Medicine in this video treating cancer and nutrition as well as other dimensions of addressing cancer with an integrative medical approach.
Cancer is a journey of both fear and hope. In this ´?¢Telly Award´?¢-winning video, Dr. Monica answers vital questions that will help patients and their loved ones with care for the whole person through compassion, knowledge and spiritual resources. Together they offer hope and healing. Dr. Monica also goes into detail about the proper nutrition needed for cancer patients. The correct food and liquids are very important. ´?¢Food is medicine,´?¢ she says, especially when you choose well those foods that will help you through your journey.
Includes 10 minute bio on Dr. Monica Myklebust.
Running time 35 minutes
Region 0