Invitation To Encounter: A Journey Into Dreams Paperback Book

Artist: Julie Meyer


Barcode: 9780979880766

Intimacy and profound encounters are open to all who are friends of God. The Lord desires companions who will walk humbly with Him in all circumstances, who will stay faithful to Him even in times of demotion or hardship, and who will partner with Him in prayer. As Julie Meyer sought the Lord and learned to walk in humility, the Lord unexpectedly came to her in a series of prophetic dreams. Her journey is chronicled in these pages. The dreams she received and recounts here are for the entire church. They carry the word of the Lord for this hour in history, and they also carry something else: the Lord´?¢s invitation for every believer to seek and meet Him for ourselves. As Julie´?¢s dreams show, God is inviting every believer to encounter Him. If we give ourselves to Him in all seasons of ours lives, agreeing with Him in prayer and loving Him in humility, He will surely encounter us.