ISIS: The State Of Terror

J M Berger


Barcode: 9780008120931

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The first major book on ISIS to be published since the group exploded on the international stage in summer 2014. Drawing on their unusual access to intelligence sources and material, law enforcement, and groundbreaking research into open source intelligence, Jessica Stern and J M Berger outline the origins of ISIS (known variously as ISIL and IS) as the formidable terrorist group it has quickly become. ISIS: The State of Terror delves into the ´?¢ghoulish pornography´?¢ of pro-jihadi videos, the seductive appeal of ´?¢jihadi chic´?¢ and the startling effectiveness of the Islamic State´?¢s use of social media as a means of luring and recruiting citizens from countries such as the United States, Great Britain, and France ´?¢ using recent examples such as Douglas McCain, the American citizen from Minnesota who joined ISIS and died in combat fighting on the side of the Islamic State. Although the picture Stern and Berger paint is bleak, State of Terror also offers well-informed thoughts on potential government responses to ISIS ´?¢ most importantly, emphasiding that we must alter our present conceptions of terrorism and react to the rapidly changing jihadi landscape, both online and off, as quickly as the terrorists do. ISIS: The State of Terror is not only a compelling account of the evolution of a terrorist organidation, but also a necessary book that attempts to answer the question of what our next move ´?¢ as a country, as a government, as the world ´?¢ should be. 400 pages


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