Jesus: An Interview Across Time: A Psychiatrist Looks at Christ's Humanity

Andrew G. Hodges


Barcode: 9780825427909

Release date: 11/05/2003

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A provocative fictional interview with Jesus by a skilled contemporary interviewer. An unparalleled look into the daily life, formative events, and personal feelings of Jesus, the man. Engaging and explosively revealing.

iNext to the Bible, itis the most important book Iive ever read, for it unveils the heart of the most extraordinary man who ever lived far better than 50 years of sermons Iive heard. (Mike McManus Syndicated religion and ethics columnist 2004-06-03)

iThis book charms us with mind and faith stretching ideas. . . . We wonit use it as a basis for a new theology, but the one we already have will be enriched, challenged, and deepened. (Jay Kesler President emeritus of Taylor University 2004-06-03)

. . . a thought-provoking and imaginative exploration of the humanity of Jesus. His possible feelings, experiences, sources of strength and motivation throughout His life on earth, in the form of an informal interview with the author. . . . Both fascinating and moving, this quite plausible einterviewi will certainly open up new areas of the incarnation of Someone who was and is both fully God and fully man to you. (J.R. 2004-11-01)

"Imagine that you were given the opportunity to interview Jesus, the more remarkable human being of all time. What would you ask? What would He say? Imagine that this Man has agreed to talk about how He came to this unique position in history, how He came to realize for Himself who He really was, and what His thirty-three years on this earth were like." (WIN-Informer 2004-11-01)

From the Publisher
In this fascinating and enlightening new book, Dr. Andrew G. Hodges conducts an imaginary interview with the most influential person in history, Jesus Christ. A psychologist and a Christian, Dr. Hodges draws on his professional background and a profound knowledge of Scripture to "interview" Jesus on a fascinating variety of the most provocative and challenging topics from his life and teachings.

Why did God allow evil in the first place?

What was it like when you first realized who you really were?

How did your family react when you performed your first miracle?

Why were so many unable to believe in you even then ?

Why did you have to die on the cross?

What really happened at the resurrection?

Jesus' candid answers to these and many other questions give readers added insight and a clearer understanding of His timeless message. From this "first-hand" account of Jesus Christ's remarkable life emerges a truly human portrait of Jesus-both as man and God. Moving and unforgettable, Jesus : An Interview Across Time adds a powerful, surprising new dimension to the greatest story every told. --This text refers to an out of print or unavailable edition of this title.


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