Jesus, Muhammad And Us Paperback Book

Artist: Hazem Farraj


Barcode: 9781621365617

Hazem Farraj no longer sees Islam as a problem but as a promise. It is a promise that God is at work in the midst of the darkness and He is winning. Born into a Palestinian American family in 1984, Hazem Farraj was raised in a typical Islamic home. When he was twelve, his family moved back to Jerusalem. After setting his heart to find out the truth about God, he found himself at a difficult crossroad. One road led to life as usual with family, riches and Islam and the other road led to Jesus. He chose the latter. Since that time, he has watched in utter amazement as God has been pouring out His Holy Spirit on the Arab and Muslim worlds. Although under-reported in the media, these inspirational stories of God´?¢s work exist and need to be told. Stories such as: ´?¢ Reem, whom Jesus pursued through dreams and visions for over a year until she surrendered her heart to Him. ´?¢ Miriam, who as a devout Muslim from Saudi Arabia gave her heart to Jesus after the Holy Spirit took her into the heavens and showed her Jesus standing at the right hand of God ´?¢ Yoana, who saw Jesus the shepherd in visions and was evangelised by Him. 224 pages