Jesus, Save Me From Your Followers Paperback Book

Artist: Dave Gilpin


Barcode: 9781903725726

This book is controversial. It´?¢s for ministers, team leaders and emerging leaders who are ready to take on some of the sacred cows of the world of leadership teaching. This book is written for strategists who desire to take their ministry and their church into a whole new realm of growth and effectiveness. Who said that...
~ 'Controlling' leadership is wrong?
~ Charisma and personality should only be the icing on the cake and not part of the cake itself?
~ It´?¢s not equal giving but equal sacrifice that´?¢s needed to build the Church?
~ The 'sky' is the limit and if you work hard enough and smart enough all things will be possible?
~ Change needs to be slow and gradual, even though Jesus did the exact opposite?
~ The gift of leadership is fine except for when the 'Spirit moves', then anything goes? 'Jesus, Save Me From Your Followers' will make you rethink everything that you thought was the whole truth about leadership and stir up and develop the real gift of leadership that is within you. 186 Pages