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Tom Wright's acclaimed scholarship is delivered in a winsome and understandable way, showing how Jesus is the fulfillment of Israel's ancient hopes and humanity's deepest dreams. You will see Jesus as you have never seen him before in the context of his Jewish and Roman world. You will find explosive new meaning in his familiar words and deeds as Wright unfolds his incomparable life and shows how it remains an unavoidable summons to our world and way of thinking.
"Jesus the New Way is a magnificent account of the life and message of Jesus of Nazareth. N.T. Wright is truly one of the most outstanding contemporary Jesus scholars, which is evident throughout this entire production. I highly recommend this series for youth and adults alike." - Josh McDowell
Program 1, Getting the Kingdom Started: Into what kind of world was Jesus born? What do we learn from the Dead Sea Scrolls, John the Baptist, and the kingdom announcement of Jesus?
Program 2, Startling Surprises: How did the kingdom announced by Jesus parallel the expectations of the Jewish people that they derived from their study of Scripture? Why was Jesus' news shocking and offensive? What was he really saying?
Program 3, Longing for a King: In a Jewish world weird for the welcome and recognition of a Messiah, how did Jesus redefine what that should mean? What were the implications for the main symbols of Israel´?¢s life such as the Holy Temple?
Program 4, Why did Jesus die? What were the charges? What was the real and great battle being fought? How was history racing toward its climatic moment, and how did Jesus understand and undertake his role therein?
Program 5, Who was Jesus? How do we begin to understand the meaning of Jesus by reexamining what we really mean by God? How did Jesus understand himself? How did the early church view Jesus? Was Jesus divine?
Program 6, The New Claim: Was Jesus really raised from the dead? What about all the skeptics´?¢ explanations as to why that is impossible? What did resurrection mean to first-century Jews? How does the resurrection of Jesus address our individual lives?
PDFs Included on the DVD:
- 96-page leader's guide with background information, discussion questions, and program scripts
- 16-page participant's workbook
- Questions and answers by Bible teacher Dr. Ted Coleman
Running time 3 hours


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