Kenn Kington - I Don't Understand DVD

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If you were to put Bill Cosby, Steve Martin and Paul Reiser in a blender, it would be really cramped. The result, however, would be something that looked and sounded a lot like Kenn Kington. Great comedy without any side effects (no blushing, no cringing, no embarrassing situations), just a bunch of life in its funniest form. If you are looking for a different perspective on life or just need a good hour of laughter, this performance is for you. You will see firsthand why Kenn says, "I Don't Understand," and why love really is funny and life can be very weird. Enjoy! - Answers to Questions I Don't Have - Do I Look Fat? - Duck Hunting Made Easy - What's Your Name Mean? - Married Stuff I Don't Understand - A Little White Spider - Sharing Tongues - Halloween Candy - Rocks & Snakes - Tricycle, Tree House & Trust - I Use to Like the Window Seat - Pee Wee Football - Stranded on an Escalator DVD Features: Languages: English Subtitles: None Viewing Format: Fullscreen Bonus Material: - Biographical Information


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