KJB - The Book That Changed The World

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This gripping film tells the story of the King James Bible - from the dangers and intrigues of the Court of the Virgin Queen, through battling Bishops and squabbling scholars to 17th century terrorists and their infamous 'Gunpowder Plot'.

And through it all one man held sway, the Scottish King James VI, who took the English throne, confounded his enemies and delivered a single, great and towering work which still bears his name today...

This highly entertaining, 90 minute, drama-documentary is full of powerful drama, beautiful photography and surprising discoveries. Our story-teller and guide is the internationally acclaimed actor John Rhys-Davies, perhaps best known for his starring role as Gimli the dwarf in Peter Jackson's Lord of the Rings. With atmospheric locations, great performances, unexpected action and the high art of tale-telling rediscovered, this is a film with the broadest appeal to the broadest of audiences.

To celebrate this 400th Anniversary, many special events are being planned all around the world, for this book which has influenced so many international cultures and societies. What better way to meet the moment, than to offer this thrilling and epic account of how this 'Book of Books' was born.

Made by the same team who created such successes as Beyond Narnia and Florence Nightingale, and with the BAFTA and Emmy Award winning director Norman Stone (Shadowlands) at the helm, this is a film that is bound to please.

Screenplay by Murray Watts.


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