KJV Holman Rainbow Study Bible Hardback

Artist: N/A


Barcode: 9781586409104

The Holman Rainbow Study Bible: KJV Edition has a unique colour-coding system that allows readers to identify quickly and easily twelve major themes of Scripture throughout the text: God, discipleship, love, faith, sin, evil, salvation, family, outreach, commandments, history and prophecy. The system also underlines all words directly spoken by God, Jesus and the Holy Spirit. Other features of this Bible include: ´?¢ 12 pages of colour maps with index ´?¢ Bible reading calendar ´?¢ concordance ´?¢ subject guide ´?¢ Table of Weights and Measures ´?¢ ´?¢Know What God Says´?¢ ´?¢ ´?¢100 Popular Passages´?¢ ´?¢ ´?¢365 Popular Bible Quotations for Memorisation and Meditation.´?¢ 1632 pages