Last Arrow

Erwin Raphael McManus


Barcode: 9781601429537

Release date: 05/09/2017

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"When a person comes to end of their days they will not measure the value of their life based on wins and losses or successes and failures. All of those will begin to blur together into a singular memory called life. What will give someone solace or haunt them until their final breath is what they could have done but did not, who they could have been but never became, the life they could have lived that never came to life. This book is a call and much needed push towards that "most courageous life." By examining the account of Elisha and the King of Israel, McManus demonstrates why it is best to follow God into battle with an empty quiver. He shows the reader why leaving everything on the battle field feels risky but yields the deepest sense of fulfillment."


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