Marriage Rebranded Paperback Book

Tyler Ward


Barcode: 9780802411839

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It didn´?¢t take long for Tyler to realise he had no idea how to be married. When Tyler and Analee got married, they read marriage books, learned about each other´?¢s personality and habits, and exhausted three-step relational formulas. Yet a year and a half after their wedding, they had fallen into a pattern of fighting and unhappiness. Tyler knew he and his wife needed more than formulas and counselling sessions. They needed a vision for marriage that extended beyond just finding happiness and falling in love. They wanted a vision that dealt with the realities of life and gave them a picture of marriage worth fighting for. As a business professional who helps companies ´?¢rebrand´?¢ when their image doesn´?¢t match up with their identity, Tyler realised that marriage has an image that doesn´?¢t match up to what God designed it to be. Marriage Rebranded will help you replace four modern misconceptions about marriage with more timeless perspectives enlightened by biblical, personal and historical studies. We need to rethink our modern brand of matrimony. It´?¢s time for us to develop a new vision for marriage ´?¢ a vision that´?¢s worth fighting for. 144 pages


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