Mezzamorphis/Glo 2CD

Artist: Delirious?

2 CDs

Barcode: 5033910002722

Release date: Default Title

£1.79 (was £1.99)

27-track 2-on-1 CD album comprising the albums 'Glo' [2000] and 'Mezzamorphis' [1999].
It as 1999. We were thinking about the millennium bug and The Matrix and getting concerned. Then along comes 'Mezzamorphis': perhaps the most adventurous, self-assured album ever released by Delirious? With the bluster of 'Bliss', the force of 'Gravity' and 'Heaven' and the guts of 'It's OK', the album scored some pretty decent mainstream reviews.
Then a year later, and it was time for a change. 'Glo' showed that the band played with just as much passion in church as they did in the club. As far as Delirious? albums go it's a real treat. With the band returning to their church-first roots they churned out a whole bunch of in-your-face anthems and on-your-knees classics. From 'My Glorious' to 'Investigate' the album turns up the heat.