Mission Praise (New 30th Anniversary Edition) Words Edition Hardback

Peter Horrobin


Barcode: 9780007565191

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White cover words only edition of The Mission Praise Hymn Book 30th anniversary hardback edition gives all the words and lyrics of the very best traditional hymns and modern worship songs.

New Songs: Same Order

The new white cover collection of Mission Praise hymns starts where the old black cover 'Complete Mission Praise' ended. This means that the shared 1250 songs of both the old and new editions are all in the SAME ORDER, with 135 new songs following on - also in alphabetical order.

The easy to use alphabetical index at the back of the new white covered edition covers all 1385 songs. The index helpfully uses italicised text for songs and hymns whose popular title is different to the words of the first line.

30 years of Mission Praise

This 30th Anniversary Mission Praise Words Edition in hardcovers is the latest edition of this much loved and well established hymn book. A stronghold of Christian tradition and at the forefront of new expressions of praise, worship this collection of hymns and songs is a firm favourite in church, school and community worship.

Over 30 years, Mission Praise has earned its place as a foundation stone of corporate prayer and worship throughout the UK and around the world.

Originally prepared for Billy Graham's 1984 Mission England rallies, Mission Praise was the first hymn book of its kind; introducing modern words and music into church and school worship yet retaining the best of traditional Christian songs and hymns.

This new, 30th anniversary words edition in hardcovers includes the whole of the current collection of over 1000 songs and hymns and adds the best new songs from the past few years.

This hardcover brand new edition is compiled by the original editorial team of Peter Horrobin and Greg Leavers and presents you with a valuable resource of more than 100 new songs.

With this latest edition, you will have the best of traditional and contemporary Christian words and music to help you lead your church, school and community in their heartfelt expression of prayers and praise in united song.


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