New Age Masquerade

Jonathan Welton


Barcode: 9780615966724

Release date: 25/04/2015

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By far this is the most unique regarding the New Age Movement from a Christian Perspective. Jonathan Welton reveals the history of the New Age Movement from Swedenborgism to the Modern New Age, while demonstrating that each of the movements leaders originally had roots within Christianity.

The New Age isn't a Christian movement, but it is a movement away from a Christian foundation.

Topics covered: What is the difference between a Christian and a New Ager" Are we to have showdowns like Elijah vs the Prophets of Baal? How do we discern the counterfeit from the authentic? Are you curious about what the Bible says about: The Age of Aquarius, the silver cord, necromancy, the Zodiac, ESP, Automatic writing, ectoplasm, and zombies? This book is for you!

From the forward by Patricia King: "Jonathan Welton has done a tremendous job writing New Age masquerade. In it, he brilliantly discloses the biblical foundations that have been counterfeited in specific New Age Practices... In now way is this book meant to invite the reader to embrace New Age practices or the deceptive roots that lie beneath those practices."


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