Organic Family Hymnal CD

Rend Collective


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Rend Collective's Organic Family Hymnal is more than a new sound in Christian music, it's a new way of making music that many will doubtlessly copy.

The Collective nature of the musicians is amazingly fresh and democratic in the increasingly tied down and blandly processed world of recorded music - Christian and secular. Not so much a rigid preplanned band, this is more a gathering of like-minded worshipers collectively exploring how to make sense of of life.

Based in Bangor, Northern Ireland Rend Collective's dozen or two members produce a sound and lyrics that gives The Organic Family Hymnal an edge that's scriptural and yet freshly modern.

The lyrics are down to earth - even quirky, and yet profound, while the melodies are upbeat and catchy. Even if you listen to a lot of contemporary as well as Christian bands, you'll find this CD something new. Rend collective's style is somewhat unique, mixing rhythms and harmonies into a solid, unmistakably Irish sound.

Organic Family Hymnal draws you into Rend's special community to share in their collective experience of God's goodness in the complexity and isolation of modern life. Buy this album, play it whenever you're feeling alone you'll and know where your friends are.


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