Orthodoxy (Philip Yancey Recommends) Paperback Book

G K Chesterton


Barcode: 9780340746387

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Philip Yancey´?¢s ´?¢desert island book´?¢! ´?¢Why anyone would pick up a book with that formidable title eludes me,´?¢ writes Philip Yancey of G K Chesterton´?¢s Orthodoxy. ´?¢But one day I did so and my faith has never recovered. I was experiencing a time of spiritual dryness in which everything seemed stale, warmed over, lifeless. Orthodoxy brought freshness and, above all, a new spirit of adventure.´?¢ ´?¢We direly need another Chesterton today, I think. In a time when culture and faith have drifted even further apart, we could use his brilliance, his entertaining style, and above all his generous and joyful spirit. He managed to propound the Christian faith with as much wit, good humour and sheer intellectual force as anyone in this century.´?¢ Since its first publication in 1908, this classic work has represented a pivotal step in the adoption of a credible faith by many other Christian thinkers, including C S Lewis. Written as a spiritual autobiography, it stands as a remarkable and inspirational apologetic for Christianity. 256


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