Purenrg - the Sing and Dance DVD

Various Artists


Barcode: 080688732097

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The newest, most interactive release from Christianretail's best selling new artist of 2007 is made complete with the Sing and Dance Deluxe End Cap Kit and Mini Satellite Station. Both the Deluxe End Cap Kit and the Mini Satellite Station are created to house the best-selling debut CD, the self-titled DVD, the brand new Sing and Dance DVD, as well as the pureNRG carabiner premium that is free to customers who purchase any pureNRG title. The Deluxe End Cap Kit and Mini Satellite Station combination allow stores to maximize the visual impact of the product using minimal fl oor space. PLUS: you can work with your stores children's section to split the merchandising effort by placing either the Mini Satellite Station or Deluxe End Cap in the Children's section of the store!


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