Pursue: A 9-Week Small Group Collision-Knowing the Messiah (A Rock Your Face Off Jr. High Resource)

CIY (Christ In Youth)


Barcode: 9780784724071

Release date: 09/01/2010

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The A Rock Your Face Off Jr. High Resource series equips both paid and volunteer youth workers with the strategies, tips, and encouragement they need to develop and sustain effective, relational ministry. The pieces complement one another in an alternative approach to involving jr. highers in deep study of Scripture.

These lesson components can be arranged, included, or excluded to best meet the needs of each jr. high small group:
? txt a frnd--students respond to an icebreaker question by texting each other
? mic check--students play a game or do an activity based on the study's theme
? solo--students read and reflect on Scripture for five minutes to prep for the study instead of doing homework before they arrive
? freestyle--students share their reaction to the Scripture or topic by talking or texting
? strike a chord--students study key Scriptures as a group and get into deeper discussion
? encore--leader emphasizes key points of the study
? backstage pass--students communicate directly with God through worship, prayer, or contemplation
? hit the road--leaders wrap up with a focus on life application
? 5 for 5 world tour--leaders text/e-mail/Facebook/Twitter five-minute activities for five days each week to encourage students to connect with God

Pursue curriculum gets students into God's Word with a deep study of the greatest story ever told and pushes students to discover the depth of God's ultimate plan in Jesus. There's a ton of options in each lesson of the 9-week small group collision that make it easy for leaders to create sessions that match up with the makeup and maturity of each group.

About the Author

CIY (Christ In Youth) advances student ministry in the local church by providing events, trips, and resources that call students to life change. For over a decade, CIY has developed programming to intentionally reach jr. high students for Christ, particularly through Believe, their weekend events held across the country. With their expertise in the field of jr. high ministry, the CIY staff has a wealth of experience to draw upon and has a built-in audience of youth leaders who see them as a trusted source of information.


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