Jonathan Welton


Barcode: 9780990575238

Release date: 14/12/2015

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In 2012, the best-selling author and founder of Welton Academy, after ten years of thorough research, released the first edition of Raptureless.

It has gone viral and has sent a shockwave through the Charismatic/Pentecostal church world. Dr. Welton's writing gift has made Raptureless one of the easiest to read yet deepest quality books on the subject of the end-times.

He proves beyond a shadow of a doubt that the Great Tribulation is an event, which occurred in the First Century. Without complicated wording, he demonstrates that the AntiChrist is not a person in our future, and that we are not waiting for Jesus to be enthroned in Jerusalem.

Basically, this book is the opposite of everything you thought you knew about the end times, simply written and thoroughly, historically proven.

Now available in it's third edition, with new editing and chapter reordering, as well as this edition has 60% more content than the original.


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