Recalling the Hope of Glory

Allen Ross


Barcode: 9780825435782

Release date: 15/11/2006

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Moving beyond worship wars over style and denominational proclivities, this book considers all the major biblical passages about worship. Regardless of their denomination, pastors, worship leaders, and laypeople interested in the biblical themes of worship will benefit from this definitive resource.

From the Inside Flap
"For any significant change to occur in our worship activities," writes Allen Ross, "we have to get behind forms and methods and changes in style and focus on the biblical theology that informs worship." Out of his concern for worship to be as glorious as it should be, Ross has provided readers with a methodical, detailed study of all the biblical testimony on the subject of worship.

Many "biblical" studies of worship explain Scripture only where it is most applicable to the author's own views, but very few, if any, have attempted an inductive study of worship throughout the entire Bible. Beginning not with early Israelite worship but with creation itself, seasoned biblical scholar Allen Ross uncovers the glories and beauty of worship as it is progressively revealed from its beginning in the Garden of Eden to its climax in the new heavens and new earth. Along the way, the historical development of worship is considered from the religious world in antiquity and worship in the early church to modern traditions and liturgy.

Neither technical, simplistic, nor specific to one denomination, Recalling the Hope of Glory is designed for all God's people. Pastors, worship leaders, professors, students, and laypeople will find exposition that challenges, informs, and furthers our understanding of glorious worship. Through this study, readers will see patterns and principles of worship emerge, understand more fully our great heritage and its traditions, and discover ways to improve their worship.

From the Back Cover

"The publication of Recalling the Hope of Glory is a splendid addition to the growing number of works on biblical worship. Not only is this work a comprehensive theological vision of creation, incarnation, and re-creation, it is also a genuine work of praise."

--ROBERT E. WEBBER, author of more than forty books on worship and the church

"Stunning in scope, Recalling the Hope of Glory provides a historical-theological study of worship from creation to the new creation. The logic of Allen Ross's ranging exposition across the flow of biblical history will challenge every reader and grace every church, regardless of tradition. Here is dazzling substance for recovery of robust worship of our sovereign and holy triune God. Sure to be a standard work."

--R. KENT HUGHES, pastor, College Church in Wheaton

"This book deals expertly and thoroughly with worship in the Bible. What is most refreshing: it is not at all ideological. People of all persuasions will find it valuable as a reference work. It also gives us a large perspective on worship that is likely to moderate the current discussion."

--JOHN M. FRAME, professor of systematic theology and philosophy, Reformed Theological Seminary

"Allen Ross takes his readers back to the Bible itself to paint a colorful picture of worship that is spiritually vibrant, theologically sound, and focused on Christ. His passion for worship that glorifies God and his thorough knowledge of Scripture are obvious throughout. For the western church, which needs desperately to recover its biblical and theological roots, this book will be an extremely helpful resource."

--DANIEL I. BLOCK, professor of Old Testament, Wheaton College

"It is remarkable that so many books about worship have so little to say about God. Recalling the Hope of Glory is a welcome exception. Through its patient reflection on specific biblical texts and themes, it evokes a vivid awareness of the God of glory. By developing the theme of glory, this book hones a vision of worship that is at once luminous, transcendent, and inexhaustible."

--JOHN D. WITVLIET, director, Calvin Institute of Christian Worship


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