ReCreatable: How God Heals the Brokenness of Life

Scott, Kevin


Barcode: 9780825442117

Release date: 15/01/2014

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ReCreatable begins with the story of a glass baking dish, the delectable aroma of tantalizing brownies, and an unseen defect that turns the promise of something delicious into a minor disaster, leaving glass fragments and brownies irretrievably intermingled. Both the dish and brownies are irrevocably lost.

The implications for us are inescapable: created by God to reflect his glory and for his pleasure, we have been broken by sin to the point that we are completely useless to accomplish the purpose for which we were made. But, unlike the shattered brownie dish that gets discarded as worthless, God takes the shards of our lives and does the miraculous. He does not simply fit us back together. He takes those splinters of our destruction and uses them to re-create us: complete, restored, redeemed, and fitted to do and be all that he ever intended for us.

ReCreatable leads us progressively through the impact of the creative genius of God in our lives. It points us to the reality of restored relationships, the resurrection of our role as true reflectors of God's glory, and the revolutionary life that can be ours when we learn to be true disciples--re-created to live well for God.

"In ReCreatable, Kevin has brought us to a new level of discipleship that is contagious and filled with the hope and holiness of Jesus. Definitely a resource that will bring healing and growth, personally and in community. Honest! Hopeful! Thoughtful!" (Dr Jo Anne Lyon, general superintendent of The Wesleyan Church and founder of World Hope Intl 2014-11-01)

"Our creator God has given us this world so that we might live well, but like the earth itself, we are broken. Yet God offers each of us hope―hope for a new earth, and hope for restored hearts. ReCreatable extends the blessings of reconciliation to all of us." (Matthew Sleeth, MD, executive director of Blessed Earth and author 2014-11-01)

"Here is a biblical vision for discipleship and holiness that will resonate with a new generation. In ReCreatable, Kevin Scott marks out the ancient but oft-forgotten pathway to living well through the power of the Holy Spirit. Read this book with your family, your congregation, or your small group to discover together how to bring hope and healing to the corner of the world where you live." (Dr Stan Toler, best-selling author, pastor, and teacher 2013-11-01)

About the Author

Kevin Scott is cultivating a pocket of the kingdom in Noblesville, Indiana. He has written several small group studies and over one hundred devotions that have appeared in The Brink magazine, Fusion Magazine, and Light from the Word. A frequent conference and workshop speaker, Kevin writes about sustainable Christian life and ministry at


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