Remember the Ways

Griffin, Helen L.


Barcode: 9781628390438

Release date: 25/07/2013

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Helen Griffin was born in rural Arkansas in 1940, was raised in Illinois, and served as a missionary in Mexico with Operation Mobilization (OM) for over forty-five years. Along the way, she also had short-term stints with OM in Europe and India. She currently lives and writes in Arkansas with her husband Richard, former OM director in Mexico. Their three sons have served as ministers and professors in the U.S., Canada, and abroad. This book is about the daughter of a coal miner who feels called to the mission field and the ups and downs that come in her years of service there. It is about miracles large and small, prayers that seem to go unanswered, and visions that come in times of trial. In short, it is first and foremost about the ways of God in our lives: "Remember the ways."


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