Snakes In The Temple Paperback

David Orton


Barcode: 9781852403768

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This book casts a biblical vision of the church's kingdom-revival future and addresses the hindrances to its fulfillment. The book asks some penetrating questions about the current state of the western Church. Why, for example, despite our best efforts at church growth, is the Western church not seeing the same breakthrough as the Third Word? We import to our cities the latest apostles of city reaching, leadership and multiplication, but within a short while of implementation, their strategies seem to stall. Why is this? It is time for the western Church to do some serious soul searching. The author traces the roots of the problem to a hidden idolatry in the church. It is time to unmask all idolatry and issue a fresh call to the Church to engage in a heart-process with God to resolve it. 224 pages


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