Spurgeon On The Psalms Book 2: Psalms 26-50 Paperback

Artist: Charles H Spurgeon


Barcode: 9781610361408

Book 2 of Spurgeon´?¢s Classic Work on the Psalms Spurgeon called this work The Treasury of David, and it truly is a treasure that is filled with jewels, gems and nuggets of gold from the Book of Psalms. In many ways, this is Spurgeon´?¢s Magnum Opus. His wife, Susannah, said that if her husband had never written any other work, his writings on the Psalms would have become a permanent literary memorial to him. This is the second volume in a six-book series. Senior Editor Beverlee Chadwick has sensitively updated and revised this Pure Gold Classic for the modern reader. As you will see, Spurgeon delighted in his study of the Psalms, and it was his desire that readers would search the Psalms further for themselves. Reading this book leads one right into the heart of God. 360 pages