Strong Church Foundations Paperback Book

Artist: Colin Cooper


Barcode: 9781907080142

Today, many individuals do not have the full grasp of what the Church is and how it is meant to function according to Scripture. Many see the Church as a club they can join to fulfil their needs and leave when it no longer satisfied their desires. They are well-meaning, but do not have solid foundation for church life. In this book Colin Cooper provides a manual for discipleship that will give believers a sound grasp of God's awesome plans and purposes for His Church. It has been designed to give Pastors, Teachers and leaders a tool to help each person understand God's heart for His body and their part in it. The principles taught here have been tried and tested over many years of church leadership and have seen numerous believers become effective members who have found their place in the Body of Christ. Solidly backed by Scripture, this book will help everyone who wants their church to be fruitful in it's growth and impact.