Summer Snow [DVD] [2015]

Various Artists


Barcode: 040232173288

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"At a time when "good news" is in short supply, you will be so blessed by Summer Snow." - Dr David Jeremiah

It's difficult to see how the Benson family can come back from the death of their loving wife and mother, Susan. Father, Dan Benson can't seem to focus on getting out of bed on time let alone his eldest daughter's wedding or son's school grades. Then there's little Hallie who, despite her best efforts, can't help getting into mischief. Suddenly, the family have to find a new normal through the heartache and pain of grief.

Previously, a family of faith it's difficult for them to see where God fits into their new reality, without Susan at the helm, how can a grieving father put the pieces of their shaken faith back together? But, Susan proves a mother's love knows no bounds and in the midst of the anguish and doubt she provides comfort and words of wisdom, exactly when each family member needs it most. Proving that one life really can make a difference.

This uplifting family film will draw you into the heart of the Benson family as they journey through grief and battle with faith and uncertainty. You'll cry and laugh with each family member as they experience life without their matriarch.

The script is full of wit as well as raw emotion so each character is easy to relate to and love, especially Hallie played by child-star, Rachel Eggleston.

A touching message of you and a family film not to be missed.


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