The 5 Love Languages Of Your Family Paperback

Artist: Gary Chapman


Barcode: 9780802413338

Two bestsellers in one volume! The 5 Love Languages Of Children ´?¢ Are you expressing your love in a way your child understands? Gary Chapman and Ross Campbell help you discover your child´?¢s unique communication style, so you can better meet his or her deepest emotional needs. From quality time to physical touch, these five ´?¢love languages´?¢ hold the key to your child´?¢s development and success. The 5 Love Languages Of Teenagers ´?¢ Teens face social, mental and spiritual peer pressure every day but it´?¢s their parents who can influence them the most! Learn the language of effectively communicating affection to your teenagers; discover input that nurtures their sense of responsibility, spiritual identity and security in Christ; and develop boundaries that are enforced with discipline and responsibility. Includes ´?¢The Five Love Languages´?¢ Personal Profile. 496 pages