The Awakening In Wales Paperback Book

Jessie Penn-Lewis


Barcode: 9781603749688

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Watchman Nee called it the ´?¢greatest known revival in church history.´?¢ On 31 October 1904, Evan Roberts, a twenty-six-year-old former miner, returned home from a ministry training programme, having left at the urging of the Holy Spirit. That night, he joined sixteen other young people at a village chapel, and from that humble origin sprang a spiritual revival that roared across the hills and valleys of Wales. Thousands of souls were welcomed into God´?¢s kingdom. Even the press could not ignore the changes occurring and eagerly reported on Roberts´?¢ every move. As suddenly as he had appeared, Roberts vanished from the world stage, only to re-emerge twenty years later. What happened? How did God work so miraculously? Jessie Penn-Lewis was well-acquainted with the revival, and with its leader, Evan Roberts. Her clear and concise history of the events of that time remains a treasure for all those who pray for revival to return in our day. 80 pages


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