The Billy Fidget Letters Hardback Book

Nick Battle


Barcode: 9780340996294

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Wheeler-dealer womaniser Billy Fidget's life is in tatters. At the end of the road, in desperation, he turns to his last resort - God. Billy Fidget is a feckless, foul-mouthed, forty-something, father of three who spends his life selling fast cars and seducing even faster women. When he is caught in the back of an Aston Martin DB7 with the wife of a gangster, he finds himself in very hot water indeed.With his life disappearing down the plughole faster than a bullet from a Glock 9mm, he remembers that once, long ago, he sang in his local church choir. In dire straits and out of sheer desperation, hard man Billy Fidget finds himself writing a letter - to God.In this fast moving, funny and yet wittily poignant book we see the harsh reality of what happens when the stuff hits the fan. On the surface Billy is successful - on the inside he harbours dark, dirty secrets. Will he succeed in conquering his demons or will he be consumed by his venal appetite for destruction? God only knows.......or does he? 192 pages


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