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Accurate to the Original, Relevant to Today! Uses the clearest, most reliable and up-to-date Bible translation on the market: Today's New International Version - Never a dull page! Over six hundred info boxes throughout the Bible text shed new light on God's Word

Includes: Mini-articles introducing the Bible and explaining how to make the most of it in daily life

Plus: One-year reading plan Our research found a concern among youth leaders and clergy that some Youth Bibles play too heavily on 'case studies' and other supplementary material that distract young readers from the Bile text itself. Effectively they are reading a modern-day writer's interpretation and application of the Bible, rather than engaging with the Scriptures and drawing conclusions for themselves.

The TNIV Youth Bible is similarly packed with fascinating text boxes (over 600 in fact!). But they do not attempt to summarise or interpret the Bible - instead, every box is linked to a verse designed to draw the reader's eyes to the Scriptures themselves: explaining, illuminating, contextualising, but never replacing God's Word. Teens will be given help in understanding what they read but encouraged to make their own decisions on how it applies to their life. The text boxes come in four types - In Other Words, People and Places, Making Connections and Sign of the Times - and are written by one of Britain's most respected youth workers. Jenny Baker served for Youth for Christ for a decade and has written innovative youthwork resource material for leading organisations such as Christian Aid, Spring Harvest and Youthwork magazine.


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