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'The Drop Box DVD' is a must-see documentary about Pastor Lee's incredible ministry to show God's love to the most vulnerable people in society.

Hundreds of babies are abandoned on the streets of Seoul, South Korea every year. While others ignored this, Pastor Lee Jong-rak made it his mission to save them. So he built a box. A warm bin, set into a wall, that allowed mothers to deposit their child without being seen. To date, this tiny little compartment has saved over 600 abandoned babies who otherwise would have been left on the streets.

This DVD bravely tells the incredible true story of how the drop box turned into an orphanage and goes on to show the financial and emotional sacrifice that followed. It is both heart-wrenching and hope-filled. While the subject matter will bring most to tears, seeing the resulting lives that have been given the chance to flourish is a breathtaking experience.

If you are looking for a very real demonstration of God's love, this is the film for you.

When 'The Drop Box' aired in US theatres for three nights in 2015 more than a quarter of a million people went to see it, each of whom were undoubtedly moved by this emotional true story. Perhaps the person most moved was the director himself, who since travelling to South Korea to shoot this film has written a book about how he became a Christian whilst filming the documentary (The Drop Box by Brian Ivie & Ted Kluck: 9780781413060).

"I went to Korea back in 2011", said Brian Ivie (Director of 'The Drop Box DVD'), "to make a documentary film about a man who was saving Korean babies. I had no idea that God was planning to save me... that's funny to me for two reasons. Number 1, because I thought I was a Christian because I didn't smoke cigarettes and I watched Fox News with my mom. Number 2, because before meeting Pastor Lee movies were god to me.

"They were everything, they were what I worshipped. So Pastor Lee changed everything, because he showed me what God's love was really like. God's love is not this coffee cup thing. God's love is gritty and messy and goes to the gutters for the broken and the lost people."


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