The Fight Of My Life CD

Kirk Franklin


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Kirk Franklin is the top selling urban Gospel act of all time, and for good reason!

He continually reinvents himself and has an uncanny ability to speak directly to the hearts of his listeners, who are as diverse as the musical genres that he seamlessly incorporates into his music ministry.

His forthcoming release, 'The Fight Of My Life', is possibly the most compelling body of work to date. It examines the most difficult battle that anyone can face: the battle with one's self.

Song by song, Kirk delves into the internal struggles that we face as believers, and more universally, as people. 'Little Boy', which features Rance Allen addresses the plight of our youth in today's materialistic and harsh society. 'I Like Me' is a compelling chant of affirmation, also directed toward our youth, featuring acclaimed Gospel rapper Da T.R.U.T.H. The song boldly encourages young people to love themselves, perceived flaws and all. 'Help Me Believe' is a beautiful ballad that demonstrates the need for one's faith to be renewed, usually in the midst of life's most turbulent storms. Also included in this awesome collection of songs is 'The Last Jesus', which reminds us all that Christ lives within us and we must remember that, at any given moment, we may be the only 'Jesus' that they see.

Of course, no Kirk Franklin release would be complete without his signature praise-party starters, and Kirk serves up a double-dose here!

'Declaration (This Is it)' samples the famed Kenny Loggins' classic 'This Is It' and brilliantly brings the familiar into modern musicality with Franklin's masterful innovations! Not stopping there, Franklin also presents 'Jesus', which is poised to become a bold universal anthem, with production that rivals any urban song currently on the radio.
'Jesus' picks up where Franklin's last smash, 'Looking For You' left off and propels the listener into another praise chant, 2008-style!

'The Fight of My Life' is a clarion call for all those who are disturbed about the social ills that plague our planet, and a beacon of light for those who earnestly yearn for another way. Franklin has done it again!


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