The Gospel Of Judas And Other Gnostic Secrets Revealed DVD

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Why all the fascination about the Gospel of Judas? Who were the Gnostics and why did the early church reject their views? What was the secret enlightenment that the Gnostics claimed? How is it the Gnostics seem to just keep coming back? The recent discovery of a mystical text buried for centuries beneath the sands of Egypt and a major television documentary about that find cast new light on the ancient heresy of Gnosticism. The text is known as 'The Gospel of Judas.' It claims: ' Judas Iscariot was not the traitor recorded in the canonical Gospels, but was a spiritual hero, Christ's favorite disciple. ' Cain was fulfilling the will of God by killing his brother Abel. ' An evil and malicious God has created the world and all physical things. ' Jesus used his divine powers to hurt or destroy those who angered him. ' Christ and Jesus were two separate beings. ' Spiritual truths are concealed as secrets given only to the enlightened. This five-part video series provides an enlightening Bible-based journey to uncover the truth behind the supposed "secrets" of Gnosticism. Through interviews with leading historians and scholars and the testimonies of the Gospel writers and the early Church Fathers, we examine how Gnostic beliefs originated, their influence on the Church, and their popularity and resurgence today. This DVD also includes questions for small groups and is an excellent source for Bible study and historical research. Running time 64 minutes


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