The Rebel's Guide To: The Good News

Cris Rogers


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Jesus was a rebel who came to show us an alternative way of living. He came to model the counter-cultural daily rebellion of living out the Scriptures. He came to bring life to our relationship with God, our neighbours and creation. Jesus calls this message Good News. The Good News isn't just that Jesus died for our sins, it's much more than that. He saves us not just from something but for something. He saves us to partner with him as movement makers, revolution initiators and planet shakers. His Church is the co-conspirator in the biggest rebellion the world has ever seen, against sin, the world and the devil. How do we share and embody his Good News as an explosion of joy in our communities?

Including Bible study, discussion questions and prayer pointers, this six-part short film resource explores how we can be, say and do the gospel, so that others experience the deep and beautiful news that is truly good.

Please note that ELE1906Y has the same video content as ELE1906A but has a new study guide designed to be used in youth work.


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