The Sinai Experiment: Ten Words for God's Chosen People

Scott, Ryan


Barcode: 9780834125421

Release date: 08/01/2010

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We can recite them. We hang them on our walls and in our courtrooms. We use them as a measurement of our character. It is easy for us to go along 'knowing' the Ten Commandments without ever taking the time to realize the great insight they possess for our lives. But they are so much more than commands-they are one of the foundations of the Christian faith, a centering force for God's people.These ten words, ten statements, ten commandments allowed the Israelites to see the world from their Creator's perspective. They provided Israel with a foundation on which to build God's chosen people.Through The Sinai Experiment explores how God's people have been shaped and formed by these commandments and discover how God is leading us- just as he led a poor, weak people out of slavery and into the Promised Land.

About the Author
Ryan Scott is a writer and minister from Kansas City, Missouri. Ryan volunteers at the Kansas City Urban Youth Center, led worship at Victory Hills Church in Kansas City, and served on the initial disaster team for Hurrican Katrina. He received his
Table of Contents
1. I am the LORD your God
2. Don t worship other gods
3. Don t replace me with idols
4. Don t misuse my name
5. Don t forget about the Sabbath
6. Honor your elders
7. Don t murder
8. Don t cheat
9. Don t steal
10. Don t lie or gossip
11. Be happy with what I ve given you
undergraduate degree in history from Eastern Nazarene College and a Masters of Divinity from Nazarene Theological Seminary. Ryan has written articles for Mission Strategy Magazine and Credo Magazine and was a theological consultant for The Kingdom Experiment (The House Studio 2009).


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