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The Stones Cry Out takes you on an exciting journey into the world of archaeology to witness firsthand the incredible discoveries in the lands of the Middle East that provide evidence for the historical accuracy of the Bible.

For over 20 years archaeologist Dr. Randall Price, has been exploring the biblical world to share how its ancient context helps to make the biblical text come alive with new meaning.

Dr. Price who directs excavations at the Qumran plateau in Israel, the site of the community that produced the Dead Sea Scrolls some 2000 years ago, expertly guides you through the latest archaeological finds that have changed the way we understand the world of the Bible.

Have you ever wondered?

- Did the Patriarchs of the Bible actually live?
- Have the legendary cites of Sodom & Gomorrah been discovered?
- Did the walls of Jericho really fall down?
- Was Kind David a man or myth?
- Can we locate the tomb of Christ today?

Ancient evidence for the truth of the Bible!

The Stones Cry Out allows you to see and hear archaeologists who have made some of the most significant discoveries of our time and how the ancient evidence they have unearthed confirms the historical persons and events of the Bible. Filmed on location in Israel and Jordan, this fascinating program will enable you to appreciate the living message of the Bible.


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