The Supra-Natural Life Paperback Book

Artist: Christen Forster


Barcode: 9781907080296

Jesus said He had come to give us an abundant life. This promise is like the open sky above us, but it is only as we dare to fl y higher with Him that we begin to see the possibilities beyond our old horizons. What does this 'abundant life' look like? - It is an adventure-filled challenge - It is a life lived in connection with Heaven by the Holy Spirit - It is a journey into the fullness of God's favour, supernatural encounters and spiritual authority - It is a life naturally connected to meaning and purpose This book is the first in a series designed to guide the reader into a more Spirit-led and Heaven-conscious life. It is aimed at those who long for a deeper spiritual experience, but struggle with how to step into it. These books capture and pass on the lessons the author has learned that have radically changed his own expectations of life and ministry. In them he addresses the misunderstandings and pitfalls that commonly hinder us from becoming all we were made to be. 160 Pages.