The Trading Floors of Heaven: Where Lost Blessings Are Restored and Kingdom Destiny is Fulfilled

Beverley Watkins & Robert Henderson


Barcode: 9780768419085

Release date: 19/06/2018

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Your Guide to Reclaiming What the Enemy Has Stolen!

People have been making trades for generations. Empires have been built through trade and wars have been fought over trade routes. This ancient concept is true in the spirit realm as well!

How you understand the trading floors of Heaven can determine your level of answered prayer, breakthrough, and restoration of all things stolen by the enemy.

Beverley Watkins and bestselling author Robert Henderson provide a prophetic blueprint to accessing Heaven's trade system. Learn to make supernatural exchanges - trading curses, bloodline iniquities, and demonic assignments for blessing and destiny!

Accessing the heavenly trade floor empowers you to:
  • Dismantle demonic assignments, claiming back your destiny and calling.
  • Receive your New Covenant blessing and inheritance by accessing the trade of Calvary through the Courts of Heaven.
  • Unlock the resources of God from the spirit realm into the Earth.
  • Recover everything lost and stolen by the enemy.
Now is your chance to recover all that the enemy has stolen from you and step into your divine destiny!


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