They Were Single Too: 8 Biblical Role Models

David Hoffeditz


Barcode: 9780825427763

Release date: 10/05/2005

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The Bible holds many examples of adult singles--including Paul, John the Baptist, and Anna--who lived godly, Christ-honouring lives. Through their examples, author David Hoffeditz leads the way to spiritual freedom in the midst of living single today.

Our culture is inundated with conflicting views about single life. Even in the church preconceptions and biases exist, including such notions as: an individual is "complete" only when married, contentment is the litmus test for the "gift" of singleness, and only married persons should serve in leadership roles.

In this book, author David Hoffeditz takes a fresh new look at singleness by examining the lives of eight individuals from Scripture who were single at some point in their adult lives--Paul, Anna, Martha, Jeremiah, Ruth, Joseph, Nehemiah, and John the Baptist. By studying their lives and situations, Hoffeditz explores how God intends single men and women to live and demonstrates how one can truly serve God and be single.

"This is a thoughtful, thought-provoking, and biblical study of singleness--an often overlooked subject. The author, himself single, examines the biblical material and honestly interacts, often from his own experiences, with the inevitable questions that arise."

--Charles C. Ryrie
Author, the Ryrie Study Bible notes

"The voice of a single male in a genre dominated by female voices is a welcome addition. In this helpful study, David Hoffeditz opens his heart and shares the truth, not merely pointing singles in the right direction but walking along with them."

--Wendy Widder
Author, Living Whole Without a Better Half and A Match Made in Heaven

"David Hoffeditz has creatively addressed the world of singleness by looking at the lives of eight unmarried biblical characters. Hoffeditz makes us rethink God's working through His servants and draws practical applications for the lives of singles in today's world."

--William E. Brown
President, Cedarville University

David Hoffeditz (Ph.D., University of Aberdeen) is assistant professor of Bible and Greek at Cedarville University in Cedarville, Ohio, and an associate pastor at Rocky Point Chapel in Springfield, Ohio. While he is single, he stays busy traveling and spending time with students.

About the Author
David M. Hoffeditz (PhD, University of Aberdeen) has taught beginning and intermediate Greek at the collegiate level and currently serves on the pastoral staff of a church in Springfield, Ohio.


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