Through The Woods

Philippa Hanna


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Releasing her 3rd album since she began her solo recording career in 2007, Philippa Hanna presents 11 faith filled songs with a distinctly gentle folk/country sound blended with brighter - and more bluesy, guitar work to create a refreshing collection of good-hearted yet moving songs.

The album's headline single, Lighthouse, was aired live on BBC 2 earlier this year with its patient urging to keep your eyes on God: "You send the stars out when darkness falls around me / I feel not good enough but you light me up."

Other songs lift even the clouds off most dreary days with up-tempo pop settings of deeply thoughtful lyrics: "The world is a better place when you don't hide / The world is a better place cause you're alive." (Daffodil Song) - further lifted by a trumpet and choir guaranteed to bring in the blue skies.

Songs on Through the Woods have a story to tell: from the fairytale romance Hollywood to redemption and 'moving on' narrative of Cherry Coloured Coat . "Fire" kindles a steady blaze in the heart with bluesy guitar arrangements rising up to celebrate: "There's nothing I can do, I can't hide myself. This fire, it burns for you."

Throughout the album, Hanna's hopes and belief in renewal through Ôǣa little love" reflect her own experiences, all summed up in bright but never sugary melodies and rhythms with lyrics that dance into your heart and mind.

Maybe "New For Old" best shows off the lustre of this multi faceted album shining with country, Celtic and blues - as well some classy folk/country arrangements: "the dust is blown from off the surfaceÔǪ there's a diamond to discover when you hold it to the light."


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